Luna Surgens, Settembre 2014

"Monte dei Fiori" group show from the 19th to the 25th of September 2014. Featuring: Alexandra ROUARD, Leslie BATTY, Gunilla LINDBERG, Nicole BRAUCH, Isabelle DECAMPS-DEPYE, Ana-Maria LORENZEN and Olivier POIZAC.


The Moon is generally identified as carrying symbolism opposite to that which characterize the Sun: dark, passive, germinative, introspective... But who could imagine the Sun without the Moon? "Mother of living things", Queen of the sky, lighthouse that guides us through the night, the moon reveals it's secret and compelling purpose. Celestial body that waxes and wanes before fading away, its sovereignty controls the cosmic planes governed by nature's cycles: water, rain, vegetation, fertility. The link between the Moon and earth's vegetation is so strong that many fertility gods are simultaneously known as lunar gods.

The powers of the moon, which are extensive, were known to our ancestors. Even today, many gardeners and farmers consult the moon, as it would have a significant effect on plants, which consist mainly of water and are subject to its action, similarly as our seas and oceans. Whether it is rising or declining, it is deemed to exercise a particular influence. For more than 13 days during the month, the moon appears to us higher and higher in the sky. It is called the rising moon. During this period, tradition claims that the sap flows faster in the stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of plants. This is the period to sow, graft and harvest.

The artists featured in this exhibition will demonstrate that the Ascending Moon or Luna Surgens is none other than the Great Goddess of the origins herself, the Venus Genetrix or Magna Mater, the wide matrix, the dark night, the wet cave, the "Horn of Abundance" or Cornucopia, from which the life of every human being, as well as the entire universe, is constantly drawing new resurrections.